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My Gear and Me

My Gear and Me
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Currently I am I have an Engelhardt ES-1. I use gut strings and an Underwood pickup. I play through an Ampeg B2R (until I can afford an SVT3 Pro)with an Ampeg 412 cab and an Ampeg 210 cab.

As for me, I am a summer camp director here in Knoxville, TN. I'm 23 and will be starting my internship as a middle school reading teacher in the Fall. I have played guitar for 9 years (mostly blues and rockabilly). My main guitar influences have been Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Brian Setzer. I have been playing upright bass since September of last year. Guitar has definately helped me learn the bass since I'm already familiar with the neck. I'm not currently in a rockabilly band (I am in a Bluegrass band) but plan to form one in the Fall. In the mean time I play at bluegrass, blues and country jams several times a week. My influences on bass are Joe Fick of the Dempseys, anyone who has played with Wayne Hancock and of course the good people over at

You don't slap your wife and you don't slap your bass.